Genius Hour Progress

My genius hour project is going along fantastic. I have already learned that in order to create a realistic illusion that you need to make sure that it could even fool you. You would also need to know shading and contrast from light to dark to make images seem realistic and actually there. There are some illusions that stay still, but because of the contrast and placement it appears to move. I think this is a fantastic genius hour project I am really sad that no one left any recommendations for me to try, but this is a boring thing to do with being forced to write a blog and then people just want to get off. I can understand, hey no one is going to read this anyway, since a lot of blogs are just so bland and has no interest. I am still going to leave open the opportunity to give me an illusion to try. I am still going to see if I can make an illusion on a door to try and trick as many people as I can. Like earlier my project is obviously  about realistic optical illusions. Please let me know if there is anything else I should try.

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