Genius hour

For my genius hour project I am going to create an illusion that is so realistic that it tricks people into thinking its real. After people get used to the illusions they will be much more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Some people may see it right away, while others may find out a bit to late. This isn’t a simple draw a picture of a room and draw it, this is much more complex than it sounds. You have to make sure the size of an object matches its distance from the person looking at the image while keeping the right amount of shading, lighting, color, empty space, perspective, and the thin line of objects to keep it realistic. Not to mention for people who don’t pay attention will walk straight into a wall thinking there is empty space. I hope to be able to put a sheet of paper over my classroom door and sketch the inside of the room, of course before I do any of that I am going to practice the artistic skills I mentioned earlier. Please leave a comment with some of your ideas of what I should draw an illusion of. I will take a picture and post in on my next blog. Remember to think about the view like looking at a hole through the floor or ceiling. Realistic illusions is my genius hour project all to create a false image to trick the human brain about the image right in front of it.

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