Iowa state trip

On my trip to a college I experienced some of the best things imaginable. First we got on a charter bus to get to Iowa state. On the bus I got hungry so I pulled out an MRE and started cooking a beef patty. A lot of people started wondering how I was cooking with only water and a bag, it was the funniest thing ever seeing them try to figure it out. The college had a cubic room called the C6. It had 4 projectors for each side and each projector was $120,000. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the C6, but the presented to us how 3D movies are made.  Iowa state c6

Genius Hour Progress

My genius hour project is going along fantastic. I have already learned that in order to create a realistic illusion that you need to make sure that it could even fool you. You would also need to know shading and contrast from light to dark to make images seem realistic and actually there. There are some illusions that stay still, but because of the contrast and placement it appears to move. I think this is a fantastic genius hour project I am really sad that no one left any recommendations for me to try, but this is a boring thing to do with being forced to write a blog and then people just want to get off. I can understand, hey no one is going to read this anyway, since a lot of blogs are just so bland and has no interest. I am still going to leave open the opportunity to give me an illusion to try. I am still going to see if I can make an illusion on a door to try and trick as many people as I can. Like earlier my project is obviously  about realistic optical illusions. Please let me know if there is anything else I should try.

Genius hour

For my genius hour project I am going to create an illusion that is so realistic that it tricks people into thinking its real. After people get used to the illusions they will be much more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Some people may see it right away, while others may find out a bit to late. This isn’t a simple draw a picture of a room and draw it, this is much more complex than it sounds. You have to make sure the size of an object matches its distance from the person looking at the image while keeping the right amount of shading, lighting, color, empty space, perspective, and the thin line of objects to keep it realistic. Not to mention for people who don’t pay attention will walk straight into a wall thinking there is empty space. I hope to be able to put a sheet of paper over my classroom door and sketch the inside of the room, of course before I do any of that I am going to practice the artistic skills I mentioned earlier. Please leave a comment with some of your ideas of what I should draw an illusion of. I will take a picture and post in on my next blog. Remember to think about the view like looking at a hole through the floor or ceiling. Realistic illusions is my genius hour project all to create a false image to trick the human brain about the image right in front of it.

Spring Break to Hell

My spring break was terrible, since my parents are divorced and I live with my mom, I had to visit my dad for a week. He has remarried and my family on my dad’s side is extremely abusive physically and mentally. Imagine them as a bee hive and the queen is my grandmother. When I was seven me and my mom were going to one of my baseball games, but my mom also had to return some furniture to my aunt, so she left the furniture outside under the roof. While it was under the roof it was protected from any possible rain. My grandma just arrived and she seemed angry, my mom told me to get in the car and once I was in Grandma was banging on the window calling my mom a “bitch” and after a while she looked at me with a smile and asked me to roll down the window. I was seven and I was three years ahead of my class so I felt insulted that she thought she could trick me like that, so moved away with utter terror on my face. My grandma is now constantly trying to brainwash me saying she never did or said any of that, but no one can ever forget the fear on their mother’s face. My grandma is afraid of me because I am the only one, other than my brother and sister, immune to her brain wash and we have cousins that will listen to whatever we say. That is all I can think about when I think of my dad’s side of the family, the hive.

Teachers’ rude move

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we hate when you’re in an argument with the teacher and they decide, when they start losing the argument, they use the “If you don’t do this you’re going to lose your privileges” or “say one more word and you will leave the room”. This is a sign of absolute power because they think we’re like animals on a farm you control, contain, and obscure them to be like everyone else. Once you recognize this you can’t help ,but see it all the time. So far the teachers that pulled that trick out on me is my language arts teacher and my art teacher

Week 10

I think I did pretty good on my blogs. I didn’t visit blogs very much mainly because I’m so busy. I would like feedback on my blogs if they’re good, bad, ok anything like that. Tell me what I should write about and I will ad your username as a citation.

Maturity of Nature




Ever wonder why or how a seed can always tell which way is up and down, where the sun is, or even refuel the air with oxygen? Why can’t the plant grow roots up or how can it tell where the sun is without even needing to see at all? As I have wondered about this I tried comparing it to other objects in life when all along I should have compared it to life itself. All around are a product of life, but some people have resembled a bonsai tree with life. I have always wondered, why a tree of all things a tree is to represent life, later I found out that trees come in all different ways like people. People come mean, nice, big, small, skinny, large, smart, and many other ways. For us life is everything.

Life will start small and the more that gets done in life the larger it grows to be and spreads it’s petals apart to reveal it’s magical colors and reveal all that it has ever done to thrive in life. With everything around the beautiful creation from life, it keeps growing and changing to remain impressing it’s surroundings. The petals soon fall and the seeds are planted to continue and spread the art of nature. For the meaning of life click here or to why a plant always grows upward click here.

If you’re are still reading this then you are interested in why I chose life to write about, since it is one of the most common thing known to us even when we were just small infants. I would like to have some feedback about my posts, I don’t care if the comments are mean or rude, I see it as telling me my errors and wrongs so I can correct them to help better myself and those around me.





One of my favorite foods are toaster strudels. These are some of the most tasteful pastries with a gooey center and topped off with some optional icing. There are a variety of flavors for the inside from apples to smores. The icing have about two chocolate and vanilla depending on which flavor you buy. The first time I have ever tried one was a couple of years ago when I lived in Oklahoma and my mom had made me, my sister, and my brother an apple flavored one for breakfast and my brother and sister didn’t take a bite, but when I bit in to it I ate the entire thing in a minute or two. I had a few that morning and after school I had even more. After that day I wanted to try every flavor they had the cherry, strawberry, smore, fudge, and more. Although many of them were delicious, I do not recommend the sausage egg and cheese type because it had an absolute bland taste to it. If I had to rate it one to ten this would score a ten out of ten would recommend. If you don’t believe what I say then go try one for yourself.

by flickr

by flickr